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Education Highlights

A daily schedule is practiced at the Center, which includes active and quiet activities indoors and out, and is designed to protect the children from fatigue, extreme heat and cold, and over stimulation. Children will be allowed to stay outdoors as weather permits.



Through the implementation of The Creative Curriculum ® for Infants, Toddlers and Twos and The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool our teachers use intentional teaching practices to incorporate developmentally appropriate activities for children of all ages. By using this curriculum, we are able to meet each child’s needs and skill levels where they are currently developing, and not just based on their chronological age. We use the corresponding Teaching Strategies GOLD TM to assess children’s progress in achieving developmental goals.

Free choice of equipment is encouraged. Developmentally appropriate curriculum for all age levels include large and small motor development, creative expressions, social interaction, intellectual, language development, and cognitive growth.

Skill focused activities are planned on a weekly basis by the teacher in each classroom and reviewed by the management team. Equipment and materials may include balls, car/trucks, dolls, imaginative play, puzzles, books, musical instruments, blocks, manipulative toys, etc. Transitions used to move the children from one activity to another activity may include using music, cognitive skills, varying physical or creative activities. Children will have opportunities for both individual as well as group activities.

Outdoors play space will be maintained in a safe and secure manner and provide for a variety of large motor activities, i.e.: bikes, balls, climbers, swings, slides, basketball, sandboxes, etc. It is our practice to teach values that encourage peaceful nonviolent problem resolutions, and play that reflects respect for one another and their environment.

We do not allow play toys or weapons based on physical violence. Parents may review our lesson plans and schedules, which are posted on the Parent Board. Please remember that children learn through play. Play is designed to use both large and small motor skills. Games, toys and other materials provide experiences to grow in mind and body.

Our teachers plan classroom activities designed to stretch the child’s interest. Numbers, letters, colors, and shapes are learned through stories, games and art projects. These fundamentals provide the base for more advanced learning preparation for kindergarten. At each age level, we emphasize appropriate activities for each child to grow, while building skills for reading, writing, math, art and music.

Children are consistently challenged to progress in their development. Successes of each child are documented and logged on the children’s assessment forms and placed in their portfolio. Parent/ Teacher conferences are offered twice a year or anytime a parent would like to meet. Tracking children’s attempts and successes is a key element to building weekly lesson plans. If the group/or individual is successful in a certain area of objectives, the teacher will create and build different group or individual tasks/activities in order to move forward on development of the child’s education. If a child is not showing success in that area, the teacher will respond with different opportunities and activities to achieve the same developmental success.

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